Daily Yinz – Sadurday – Sound the Alarm

Nicholas Comanici's Sadurday project receives an assist from Lulu Lewis's Dylan Hundley on vocals. Sadurday's debut EP positions Hundley's forceful, gothic-inspired vocals overtop Comanici's powerful pop guitar chords. Opener "Sound the Alarm"-- a track indebted to the dour, martial rhythms of post-punk--is led by propulsive bass and some delightfully tension-buildng piano plinks. The song truly … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Sadurday – Sound the Alarm

Daily Yinz – Lando Ash – P.O.T.

Lando Ash raps out of left field, a trend that he continues with the single "P.O.T" "P.O.T" (which stands for Picked On Too) sees Lando break out an oddball melodic flow for the track's central message, aimed at anyone who needs to hear it: "I used to be picked on, too/Just like you." Over the … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Lando Ash – P.O.T.

Daily Yinz – W00DY – Neck Spasm

W00DY creates twitchy, frenetic "dance music for headbangers," blending genres as disparate as breakcore and punk into one supercharged mass. W00DY's most recent album, released via Orange Milk Records, is (fittingly) titled Headbanging In The Club, and it contains a menagerie of off-kilter rhythms, breathless samples, and wobbly bass. "Neck Spasm" has the ability to … Continue reading Daily Yinz – W00DY – Neck Spasm

Daily Yinz – Bishop Ivy – tunnel vision

Bishop Ivy returns with another dose of sleek, widescreen indie-pop. "Tunnel vision" is a futuristic torch ballad that sees Ivy affix his heart firmly to his sleeve, pleading with a partner, "I'll throw away the world/If that what makes it work." Organ-like synth drones provide dramatic backing for a shuddering, metronomic beat interspersed with electronic … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Bishop Ivy – tunnel vision

Daily Yinz – niku daruma – temperance

Niku daruma create piercing, metallic noisescapes; their latest release, arcana I, is described as "experiments in divining." The album introduces the faintest hint of melody to the clanging, grinding, screeching maelstrom that is niku daruma, making for a listen that's as starkly beautiful as it is punishing. "Temperance" begins with zigzags of squelchy noise before … Continue reading Daily Yinz – niku daruma – temperance

Daily Yinz – Gabriella Salvucci – October

Last month, up-and-comer Gabriella Salvucci released her self-titled debut EP on Misra Records. As one could have inferred from listening to its two lead singles, Gabriella Salvucci is filled with close-mic'd guitar strums, rich vocals, and warm pop hooks. "October," my favorite track from the EP, incorporates a light dose of baroque, featuring sighing background … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Gabriella Salvucci – October

Daily Yinz – Sommelier – Don’t Express Yourself (ft. Shan Keating & Mario Perrett)

Theatrical alt-rockers Sommelier recently released a 4-song EP called Don't Express Yourself. The EP's title track sees bassist J. Trafford's expressive, operatic croon paired with the soaring vocals of Scratchy Blanket's Shan Keating, their contrasting timbres mingling to create an engaging duet. Restrained verses, containing cryptic, erudite lyrics about "theatre geek's Greek ideals" and "warbling … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Sommelier – Don’t Express Yourself (ft. Shan Keating & Mario Perrett)

Daily Yinz – The Mixus Brothers – The High Lonesome

The Mixus Brothers, purveyors of homespun country tunes, recently released the third and final chapter of their Lonesome Gods series. The four-song album contains fiddle-driven hoedowns, trumpet-assisted ballads, and quivering waltzes, the two Mixus Bros (backed by a small supporting cast) packing an impressive amount of variety into a short runtime. Closing track "The High … Continue reading Daily Yinz – The Mixus Brothers – The High Lonesome

Daily Yinz – slowhaunt – Silks and Satins

New slowhaunt music means several things: multiple albums released at once, tons of songs, and some truly evocative titles. Funeral Hits, Pts. 3 and 4 contain such gems as "Tipsy Pallbearer," "Sweatin' in the Ghoul Car," "Thicc and Godless," and "Rotten Caterer." There are 50 tracks shared between these two albums, so it's tough to … Continue reading Daily Yinz – slowhaunt – Silks and Satins