Daily Yinz – W00DY – Neck Spasm

W00DY creates twitchy, frenetic “dance music for headbangers,” blending genres as disparate as breakcore and punk into one supercharged mass.

W00DY’s most recent album, released via Orange Milk Records, is (fittingly) titled Headbanging In The Club, and it contains a menagerie of off-kilter rhythms, breathless samples, and wobbly bass. “Neck Spasm” has the ability to cause the exact phenomenon that it promises, as it sucks a tinny woodwind sample into a dizzying web of pitched-down goblin voices and scrambled drum programming. The track’s building blocks may be synthetic, but the creation itself is raw and mosh-worthy. If you like your dance music viscerally tricky (or trickily visceral, your pick), give your neck a few spasms with this one.

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