Daily Yinz – Chandra Rhyme – Bullet

Chandra Rhyme’s latest single, “Bullet,” is a slow jam that comes complete with an elegant, abstract lyric video.

“Bullet” is an especially sensual entry in the extensive “love is a dangerous game” canon, as Chandra compares her experience with a romantic partner to a drug, an adrenaline spike, an internal struggle, and, yes, an 18th century military tactic. Backed by featherlight percussion and candlelit guitar plucks, Chandra sings, “I’m prepared to take the risk and bite the bullet when it comes to you,” indicating her willingness to set aside doubts and anxieties to chase the thrill of romance. The lyric video adds another layer of depth to the musical experience. Chandra dances, slow-motion, within a moodily lit frame, and the image is doubled, flipped, refracted, and multiplied to create shifting, tiled mosaics of movement. Taken together, the song and video create an intoxicating effect that matches the artist’s lovestruck headspace.

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