Daily Yinz – Gladstone Deluxe – Spinning Top

Producer Gladstone Deluxe’s new Lost! EP contains four house tracks replete with playful keyboards and plenty of boots ‘n’ cats.

“Spinning Top” is carried along by a driving, four-on-the-floor beat that gradually accumulates layers of melody and complexity. Bright, organ-like bursts flit about like fireflies, piano keys plink, and atmospheric synth washes hang in the background as the track glides through a number of phases, morphing so gradually that you barely notice. Gladstone’s attention to detail heightens the experience; at one point, around three-plus minutes in, a polyrhythmic hand drum makes a brief appearance before vanishing, just one more emphatic contribution to the almighty groove. Recommended for fans of propulsive chill-out acts like 808 State.

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