Daily Yinz – Malo Mortuum – Dark Mysticism

Malo Mortuum creates atmospheric black metal music, which combines ragged brutality with brooding synth textures.

Picture this: You’re wending your way through a dark forest somewhere in eastern Europe, or possibly Scandinavia. All of the pigment has been blanched away from the world around you, leaving everything a severe shade of gray. You come upon a clearing, around which several gnarled creatures perch, stirring cauldrons and shrieking periodically. One of them is playing a heavily distorted guitar made of scrap metal. Every so often, a less gnarled creature pops its head out of one of the cauldrons and lets loose an angelic hum. This scenario is what Malo Mortuum’s debut, Through a Land of Medieval Horrors, sounds like. “Dark Mysticism” uses seraphic keyboard tones to pierce through layers of barbed guitar chords and raspy screams, creating an effect that is harshly beautiful. Check it out if the aforementioned scenario sounds enjoyable to you.

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