Daily Yinz – Lando Ash – P.O.T.

Lando Ash raps out of left field, a trend that he continues with the single “P.O.T”

“P.O.T” (which stands for Picked On Too) sees Lando break out an oddball melodic flow for the track’s central message, aimed at anyone who needs to hear it: “I used to be picked on, too/Just like you.” Over the course of one brief verse, Lando tells his story of growing up an outcast in two worlds. He opens with, “I never fit in the white community/Due to the fact that I’m dark-skinned,” his bluntness when addressing the absurdity of racism making the line hit that much harder. He then describes the experience of being looked down upon by people in his own community because he watched anime and wore Vans instead of Jordans. Lando’s halting, off-balance flow adds a touch of levity to the otherwise painful subject matter, as does a video in which the emcee is pelted with eggs and garbage by unseen assailants. Near the end of the track, though, Lando raps, “Catching everything thrown my way, so I’m like Julio Jones,” demonstrating that he’s adapted well to adversity (because Julio Jones is pretty good at catching stuff).

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