White People, Do Something

1. If you're angrier about destruction of property (which is most likely insured anyway) than you are about the destruction of actual people's lives, reexamine your priorities. 2. If you're pushing "All lives matter" as a response to black people's concerns about racism and police brutally, you don't actually think that all lives matter, because … Continue reading White People, Do Something


Daily Yinz – Jordan Montgomery – Favorite Rappers

Pittsburgh wordsmith Jordan Montgomery returns with a cautionary, thought-provoking new single. "Favorite Rappers" warns of the perils facing young artists who are viewed as nothing more than pawns by an uncaring and exploitative industry, following in the footsteps of Kendrick Lamar's Faustian parable "Wesley's Theory" and J. Cole's "A Lot" verse. Going in with a … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Jordan Montgomery – Favorite Rappers

Music That Is True – A Q+A With Organic Electronic Artist Alvin Row

Photo provided by Alvin Alvin Row is a Pittsburgh artist whose experimental compositions range in style from tactile, insular guitar meditations to squiggly synth jam sessions, maintaining a spirit of off-kilter outside-the-boxness throughout. His new release, Kosher, drops tomorrow. To mark the occasion, Alvin was kind enough to answer some questions for Bored In Pittsburgh; … Continue reading Music That Is True – A Q+A With Organic Electronic Artist Alvin Row

Daily Yinz – Sheridan Woika – I Just Hope I Left A Stain

Pittsburgh singer/songwriter Sheridan Woika used his social distancing downtime to record a homespun album called Tell The Squids! Tell The Lobsters! The album's music is a stripped-down blend of oddball humor and truly moving observations about love, belonging, and mechanical sea creatures. The horn-accented "I Just Hope I Left A Stain" rides a smoldering, circular … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Sheridan Woika – I Just Hope I Left A Stain

Daily Yinz – ALONA – 999999999

Spectral R&B duo ALONA returns with a new single, "999999999." Leaning further into the murky depths that were plumbed on January's R.E.D, "999999999" drifts by in a subaqueous haze, muted synth tones blending with ghostly, disjointed vocals until they become one swirling entity. There's some ambient clatter in the background that reminds me of rattling … Continue reading Daily Yinz – ALONA – 999999999

Daily Yinz – Just Fern – DMT

Just Fern, a Pittsburgh native who specializes in introspective, punky, psych-pop ditties, recently released an album called Hungry Heart. "DMT," one of the album's singles, sounds like an early-2010s chillwave jam plied with sleeping pills and set adrift in a sensory deprivation tank. Plush sheets of synthesizer float in space, anchored by a drum's heartbeat … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Just Fern – DMT

Daily Yinz – Guapo Lennon – Bloody Piano

Way2Lennon, the full-length debut from Pittsburgh rapper Guapo Lennon, merges gritty lyricism with a flair for the melodic. "Bloody Piano," the album's longest song at nearly four minutes, functions as its cinematic mini-epic, an anthem in the spirit of Meek Mill's "Dreams And Nightmares" or Tee Grizzley's "First Day Out." Like those two songs, it … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Guapo Lennon – Bloody Piano