Daily Discovery 05.22.20

Grocer – Overblown

You. You there. You wanna hear one of the snazziest lil bass lines this side of the Mississippi? The answer is obviously yes, so check out “Overblown,” the opening track to Little Splash, the new album from Philly indie-rockers Grocer. The aforementioned bass part gurgles all over a methodical groove while frontwoman Danielle Lovier laments, “I’m so tired of the same old shit that we’ve been doing.” After 2 months in a tiny apartment, I’ll second that.


Infant Island – Stare Spells

Much like the John Martin painting that adorns its front cover, Beneath (Dog Knights Productions), the new album by Fredericksburg, VA’s Infant Island, is beautiful in an imposing, overwhelming sense. “Stare Spells” sees vocalist Daniel Kost shrieking like a soul confined to Davy Jones’ Locker, his ragged bellows ringing out over an instrumental that alternates between passages of churning riffage and regal, atmospheric interludes. Like Sadak himself, the band conjures the waters of oblivion.


BriZion – Going Home Dub

Brizion is a prolific San Diego dub producer whose new release, Going Home To Zion, contains several edits of the titular track. The dub version is the most satisfying, cranking up the original’s low end and infusing it with heaps of cavernous reverb. A slo-mo, minimalist sway like this does wonders for the nerves.


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