White People, Do Something

1. If you’re angrier about destruction of property (which is most likely insured anyway) than you are about the destruction of actual people’s lives, reexamine your priorities.

2. If you’re pushing “All lives matter” as a response to black people’s concerns about racism and police brutally, you don’t actually think that all lives matter, because black people’s lives have to be explicitly included in that phrase for it to be true.

3. If you think you’re totally absolved as a white person because you have black friends or you “aren’t racist,” you’re not doing enough. Racism isn’t black people’s problem to solve, it’s ours.

4. If you get defensive on a personal level when confronted with systemic issues, think about why that might be.

5. If you’re white, your galaxy brain opinions on this don’t really matter. Shut up for a second and listen to what black people are telling you.

This isn’t about any one specific person, it’s about large-scale attitudes that are ingrained in our culture, justice system, political system, etc. Do what you can to make it better. Donate your money, go to rallies and events (social distance style, of course), engage people in dialogue, educate yourself on American history, just listen.

Link below has some anti-racism resources.


Since Bored In Pittsburgh is a music blog, here’s some of George Floyd’s music. He rapped under the name Big Floyd and collaborated with Houston legend DJ Screw.

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