Daily Yinz – Jordan Montgomery – Favorite Rappers

Pittsburgh wordsmith Jordan Montgomery returns with a cautionary, thought-provoking new single.

“Favorite Rappers” warns of the perils facing young artists who are viewed as nothing more than pawns by an uncaring and exploitative industry, following in the footsteps of Kendrick Lamar’s Faustian parable “Wesley’s Theory” and J. Cole’s “A Lot” verse. Going in with a “Terrorist Threats” flow on the hook, Montgomery takes the voice of a shadowy record exec when he raps, “Sign your name on this dotted line/I can make you a celebrity overnight.” He proceeds to tell the tale of a rapper who makes the sudden jump from poverty to wealth, encouraged by industry higher-ups to embody a certain image (“Living out a movie role/Favorite movie Scarface“) before it all comes crashing down. The man is charged for selling drugs, abandoned by his enablers, his contract is ripped up, and he is left to “rot for years up in Riker’s Island” while another unfortunate person takes his place, continuing the tragic cycle. “Favorite Rappers” is a stark, unsparing critique of the rap game from one of the best lyricists in Pittsburgh.

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