Daily Discovery 05.28.20

The Know - Hold Me Like You Know Me Los Angeles dream-pop duo The Know recently released their self-titled EP with Brighton, UK's Shore Dive Records. "Hold Me Like You Know Me" is a waltzing slow dance that sways under slo-mo disco lights during its verses before being fed into a kaleidoscopic wind tunnel for … Continue reading Daily Discovery 05.28.20


Daily Discovery 05.19.20

PcaSoul - Mattress Out on NYC's Mobile Kitchen Sound label is BATCHA MAMA, a series of freestyles from Washington Heights singer/songwriter PcaSoul. "Mattress" sees the artist channeling TLC, Frankie Valli (by way of Lauryn Hill), and Bon Iver as she alternately raps and sings over a subtle DJ Prince strut. It's a nice stream-of-consciousness bedroom … Continue reading Daily Discovery 05.19.20

Daily Discovery 05.18.20

Nicole Atkins - Domino Nicole Atkins's upcoming album, Italian Ice, was inspired by the magic of the Jersey Shore (the place, not the show). The cooly apocalyptic disco-funk track, "Domino," one of the album's first singles, sees Atkins warn, "Time is up/This message will self-destruct," like a secret agent zipping down the boardwalk on roller … Continue reading Daily Discovery 05.18.20

Daily Discovery 05.13.20

ShrapKnel - Ghostface Targaryen (Willie Green Remix) NYC's ShrapKnel, a collaboration between wordsmiths Curly Castro and PremRock, saw its March debut remixed to create Flechette, which dropped this week. For two rappers already acquainted with going in over unusual beats, an album of remixes feels like a natural extension of their sound. Especially effective is … Continue reading Daily Discovery 05.13.20

Daily Discovery 05.11.20

Cuerpos Cósmicos - Rain French dream-pop artist Cuerpos Cósmicos creates wistful, elusive atmospheres using only her voice and a laptop. "Rain," the title track from CC's latest release (out today on the Choléra Cosmique label), uses diaphanous swaths of melody and stuttery, ghost-of-last-night's-rave synths as the base for a meditation on loss and redemption. ### … Continue reading Daily Discovery 05.11.20

Daily Discovery 05.07.20

Fossil Hunting Collective - The Return to Clocks Ontario ambient artist Fossil Hunting Collective is back with Aperture, a full-length released as part of Whitelabrecs's Home Diaries series. The slowly eddying guitar chords and spindly drone note that anchor "The Return to Clocks" could soundtrack a mournful Western, one that takes place not in the … Continue reading Daily Discovery 05.07.20

Daily Discovery 05.04.20

The Swedish Railway Orchestra - Brendan Gleeson The Swedish Railway Orchestra does not serenade wealthy Scandinavian train passengers as they ride through the Alps. Instead, it spends its time in Dublin, Ireland, cranking out jittery, LCD Soundsystem-inspired disco punk. "Brendan Gleeson," named for the In Bruges and 28 Days Later dude, is mantra-like in its … Continue reading Daily Discovery 05.04.20