Daily Discovery 02.26.20

Lone Sol - Fuck Winter (ft. Majimbe) Late February/early March is a cursed time of year. The sun is obscured for days on end, seasonal depression has reached its nadir, and the world is sapped of all things joyful. Lawrence, MA saxophonist/producer Lone Sol and his friend, podcast host Majimbe, feel the same way, and … Continue reading Daily Discovery 02.26.20

Daily Discovery 02.05.20

Ukeme - Natural Light With "Natural Light," a song from his new release, mornings, Austin, TX's Ukeme stunts on everyone with a Prius, a helping of farm-to-table food, some B-sides, and lots of natural light. It's a a contented humble brag delivered with a hefty dose of chimes. Good for anyone who can't stand fluorescent … Continue reading Daily Discovery 02.05.20

Daily Discovery 01.23.20

Tosser - Wishful Thinking Washingtnon, DC's Tosser makes music for those who like their guitars woolly and their vocals slack-jawed. The group is back with "Wishful Thinking," the first single released from their upcoming album, Total Restraint. Overtop moody, chugging chords, frontman Eric Zidar admits, "I'm sure no more," dazed. It's a slacktastic garage remedy … Continue reading Daily Discovery 01.23.20

Daily Discovery 11.11.19

Seo - Citrus Paradisi Nigerian/Irish artist Seo sounds like she's had a strong cup of coffee or two since September's Pink Noise. Where that album floated, "Citrus Paradisi" flows, gliding along atop the world's chillwaviest reggaeton beat. Switching between English and Spanish, Seo asks, "Can you take me home to paradise?", also murmuring about grapefruits … Continue reading Daily Discovery 11.11.19

Daily Discovery 11.06.19

Inchoate - sommeil raisonné Toronto's Inchoate (defined by Merriam-Webster as "being only partly in existence or operation, imperfectly formed or formulated") creates improvisational "audio sculptures" using "component chains of signal generation, effect, and decay." I'm not entirely sure how that works, but what I do know is that "sommeil raisonné," the first track on Inchoate's … Continue reading Daily Discovery 11.06.19