Daily Yinz – Jack Swing – Get What’s Mine For You

Jack Swing are a Pittsburgh rock group who recently dropped their Get What's Mine For You EP. The EP's title track is the most frenetically danceable song that Jack Swing has released to date. While a funky drumbeat stutters away at top speed in the background, syncopated stabs of guitar, bass, and the instrument from … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Jack Swing – Get What’s Mine For You


Why Do I Love This?

Song-dissecting conversations conducted by Prince 24 hrs examining why we don't like what we do not - and the benefits of understanding and continually reexamining our musical preferences. Salutations. I am Prince 24 hrs. I welcome you warmly to the very first in what will be an ongoing conversation about our musical likes & dislikes. … Continue reading Why Do I Love This?

Daily Yinz – The Mixus Brothers – Filthy Wine

Pittsburgh country/folk duo The Mixus Brothers released the second chapter of their Lonesome Gods series in late August. Album opener "Filthy Wine," a shuffling paean to a "desire to go up to the far blue mountains and escape with friends," features deep-fried slide guitar licks (courtesy of one Mose Mixus) that wink and glint like … Continue reading Daily Yinz – The Mixus Brothers – Filthy Wine

Daily Yinz – Some Faith – The Pain Has A Purpose

Some Faith are a newly formed darkwave duo who released their debut single earlier this month. "The Pain Has A Purpose" comes at you with a simmering drive; it's the kind of thing that a vampire (the Blade kind, not the Nosferatu kind) might listen to as it cruises down a midnight alley on a … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Some Faith – The Pain Has A Purpose

Daily Yinz – West/Step – Revere

Nathan Whitman's West/Step returns with Peace Material, a nebulous collection of warped electronics and obscured vocals. "Revere" rolls in like an industrial storm cloud, all rippling static and flanged percussion, before ascending heavenward aboard Whitman's layered, impressionistic chants. His delivery gives the song an exalted feel, like an hymnal being sung from the top of … Continue reading Daily Yinz – West/Step – Revere

Daily Yinz – Holy Rivals – My Minds Blind Stupid

Holy Rivals are a Pittsburgh trio that specializes in scuzzy, stripped-down punk rock. On most weekdays, it takes until about 2pm for my brain to start working. On Mondays...well, it takes until about 2pm on Tuesday. Luckily, Mind Blinder, the newest release from Holy Rivals, comprises seven tracks whose lyrics can be printed, in entirety, … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Holy Rivals – My Minds Blind Stupid

Daily Yinz – Kallan – Honeybee

Pittsburgh's Kallan Elizabeth (or just Kallan, for short) released The Impermanent Spectacle of Now, a poetic, assured folk album, in mid-August. For someone with such a minimal catalogue (just this album, preceded by one single, is available on Bandcamp), Kallan brings a unique, fully-formed sound to the table. Searching lyrics, often containing nature imagery and/or … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Kallan – Honeybee

Announcing “Why Do I Love This?” Interview Series

Images created by Prince 24hrs Bored In Pittsburgh is excited to announce an upcoming interview series called "Why Do I Love This?", conceived of, created, and written by a mysterious local figure who goes by the moniker Prince 24hrs. Prince 24hrs will be speaking with Pittsburgh-area musicians about their "guilty pleasures"--songs with traits that would … Continue reading Announcing “Why Do I Love This?” Interview Series

Daily Yinz – Sommelier – My Hypocrisy

Eccentric Pittsburgh indie-poppers Sommelier join forces with Andrew Muse, another theatrical area artist, for a remix of their song, "My Hypocrisy." The original "quarantine version" of the track, released in late July, is a cryptic ballad that places vocalist J Trafford's swooning vocals over a bed of windswept synths; think The Blue Nile fronted by … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Sommelier – My Hypocrisy

Daily Yinz – BusCrates – How Ya Gonna Do It (ft. Kate Moe Dee)

Veteran Pittsburgh producer BusCrates teases his upcoming LP, Blasting Off (Bastard Jazz), with the ebullient lead single "How Ya Gonna Do It." The song taps into the classic funk energy that hangs in the air all around us, bringing to mind images of a time (well before I was born, mind you) that featured perms, … Continue reading Daily Yinz – BusCrates – How Ya Gonna Do It (ft. Kate Moe Dee)