Daily Yinz – Some Faith – The Pain Has A Purpose

Some Faith are a newly formed darkwave duo who released their debut single earlier this month.

“The Pain Has A Purpose” comes at you with a simmering drive; it’s the kind of thing that a vampire (the Blade kind, not the Nosferatu kind) might listen to as it cruises down a midnight alley on a motorbike. Brian Sikes Howe’s sleek production, full of slasher film keyboards, grimy bass, and dancefloor grooves, serves as a mood-setting backdrop for Indigo Baloch’s vocals, which seethe in lockstep with the beat during the verses only to float above it during a devilishly catchy chorus. In one of the song’s central refrains, Baloch quips, darkly, “If we live through this/Then we’ll know that this was worth it.” It’s not an optimistic message, exactly, but it displays a grim resolve in the face of conflict.

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