Daily Yinz – The Mixus Brothers – Filthy Wine

Pittsburgh country/folk duo The Mixus Brothers released the second chapter of their Lonesome Gods series in late August.

Album opener “Filthy Wine,” a shuffling paean to a “desire to go up to the far blue mountains and escape with friends,” features deep-fried slide guitar licks (courtesy of one Mose Mixus) that wink and glint like the rays of a sunrise experienced on zero sleep. Jebbh and Red Mixus sing, “We left what’s down below/About a month ago/But no one knows,” sounding not especially concerned about getting back or sending postcards any time soon. Near the end, the rhythm switches up and the track builds to a campfire hoedown coda complete with some tasteful wah-wah shredding. The Mixus Brothers might approach blue mountain escapism differently from the Fleet Foxes folks, but the results are satisfying either way.

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