Daily Yinz – BusCrates – How Ya Gonna Do It (ft. Kate Moe Dee)

Veteran Pittsburgh producer BusCrates teases his upcoming LP, Blasting Off (Bastard Jazz), with the ebullient lead single “How Ya Gonna Do It.”

The song taps into the classic funk energy that hangs in the air all around us, bringing to mind images of a time (well before I was born, mind you) that featured perms, sparkly outfits, and danceoriented exhortations. BusCrates’s Silly String synth lines, strewn about a pulsing, relatively spare beat, add a chillwavey gloss that bridges the gap between the 70’s and today. A soulful turn from guest vocalist Kate Moe Dee (no relation to Kool, as far as I know) provides yet another layer of personality. “How Ya Gonna Do It” is an effortless dance floor jam that should get you in the mood for the 21st night of the month.

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