Daily Yinz – Holy Rivals – My Minds Blind Stupid

Holy Rivals are a Pittsburgh trio that specializes in scuzzy, stripped-down punk rock.

On most weekdays, it takes until about 2pm for my brain to start working. On Mondays…well, it takes until about 2pm on Tuesday. Luckily, Mind Blinder, the newest release from Holy Rivals, comprises seven tracks whose lyrics can be printed, in entirety, on one line. Some examples: “So sick, so tired,” (“Raana Is My Friend”) and “For now, I’ve lost it,” (“Lost It”). This type of blunt messaging actually managed to get through my Monday morning skull and make an impact, especially the dissonant “My Minds Blind Stupid,” which coalesces around a phrase both goofy and menacing: “Here I come with gasoline in my squirt gun.” Enjoy the Holy Rivals on the gasoline-filled squirt gun of weekdays.

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