Daily Yinz – Jack Swing – Get What’s Mine For You

Jack Swing are a Pittsburgh rock group who recently dropped their Get What’s Mine For You EP.

The EP’s title track is the most frenetically danceable song that Jack Swing has released to date. While a funky drumbeat stutters away at top speed in the background, syncopated stabs of guitar, bass, and the instrument from “Superstition” intermingle, creating several layers of irrepressible rhythm. Frontman Isaiah Ross scrapes the top of his vocal register with some Talking Heads-ian yips during the verses, and busts out an easy falsetto during the anthemic chorus. Add in some flame-throwing guitar heroics (also courtesy of Ross), and you’ve got a song that’s both fun and technically impressive. Jack Swing may not have a ton in common with the music of the similarly-named late 80’s-early 90’s pop movement, but “Get What’s Mine For You” will make you want to get up and move just as much as Bell Biv DeVoe‘s stuff does.

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