Michi Tapes – Natural Rat Live at The Deli 9/30/22

Last September, two Morgantown, WV bands--Tony From Bowling and Natural Rat--played a show in support of their split EP, Mate, at Oakland house venue The Deli. If you were there to see it, great! If not, or if you just want to relive the night in psychedelic fashion, Michi Tapes's Eric Stevens has got you … Continue reading Michi Tapes – Natural Rat Live at The Deli 9/30/22


Daily Yinz – Different Places in Space – Sugar Nova

The psych quartet rang in the new year with a self-titled album release. The songs on Different Places in Space come suspended in a hallucinatory tide pool of sound. The jammy ballads float around like little jellyfish, and even the uptempo rockers stretch and warp like they've been filtered through an infinity mirror. "Sugar Nova" … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Different Places in Space – Sugar Nova

Daily Yinz – Luwidakid – Give ’em Hell (ft. Brothamans)

Collaborators unite for a single that draws from Afrobeats' signature bounce. The backbone of "Give 'em Hell" (produced by Julio) is its rhythmic heartbeat, a propulsive bah-bah-bah-bahbah that I could probably listen to on its own for several hours. We're spoiled, though, because the percussion track is adorned with insistent keyboard pulses and multiple layers … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Luwidakid – Give ’em Hell (ft. Brothamans)

Daily Yinz – Urns – King of the Ashes

Urns creates metal that must be listened to with fingers waggling and mouth going "oOoOoOo." The songs on Urns' latest release, Empyre, use sludgy, roiling guitars, hammering drums, spooky synths, and incantatory moans to tell tales of apocalyptic worlds and bizarre creatures. "King of the Ashes" leans especially heavily into the warlocky drama, opening with … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Urns – King of the Ashes

Daily Yinz – Oliver Hufford – Blisters

Oliver Hufford released his debut single, Blisters/Staying Up Late (Wake Up On Fire), in December. There's something about a slide guitar--the way its gliding tone mimics the swoop of a keening human voice or the curl of a lonely smoke ring dissipating into the air--that raises the emotional stakes of a song. Oliver Hufford uses … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Oliver Hufford – Blisters

Daily Yinz – Sober Clones – Escalator

"Escalator," released along with B-side "She Lives Upstairs," is a single from the psychedelic group's upcoming Cool Water Broadcast Control EP. Unlike some of Sober Clones' burners, "Escalator"--a patchwork of synths, samples, and hazy vocals--doesn't so much rock as it does float. The track's head-bopping percussion, grooving bass, glittering bells, and shivering organ give it … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Sober Clones – Escalator

Daily Yinz – Gnarled Horse Throat – Melting Mammoth

The sludgy industrial project from Dave 8cylinder and Nick Breinich unveiled its debut, A Futile Stream of Commands (Darkfloor Sound), in October. Over the course of six tracks (and five remixes, including takes from Luke Lund and Napalm Death's Mick Harris), modular synths crawl all over each other like giant centipedes, while a drum machine … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Gnarled Horse Throat – Melting Mammoth

Daily Yinz – Sad Girls Aquatics Club – Plastic & Pearl

The self-described breakup pop duo follows 2018's Vodkawine with a new single called "Plastic & Pearl." The woozy, dazed quality that underpinned Sad Girls Aquatics Club's debut lingers after five years; surprisingly, a global pandemic, the enervating creep of consumer capitalism, and the continued collapse of our environment are not great for a person's mental … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Sad Girls Aquatics Club – Plastic & Pearl

Daily Yinz – I4A – Fence of Pearls

Experimental trio I4A specializes in winding vamps that traverse peaks and valleys. "Fence of Pearls," the longest track from the group's new release, I4A 2--which is saying something when the shortest one clocks in at 7:26--is a radiant musical monolith. It takes its time to build up from a base of gentle strums, cycling through … Continue reading Daily Yinz – I4A – Fence of Pearls

Daily Yinz – Ozilate – Hazy (feat. Indigo Rae)

New collaboration between producer Ozilate and singer/songwriter Indigo Rae traverses a post-breakup wasteland. Last time we checked in on Indigo Rae, they were singing melancholic ballads over spare ukulele. On "Hazy," the melancholy lingers ("When I breathe in/My bed still smells like you/Baby, now I'm faded/Self medicated"), but its soundtrack takes a different tack. Producer … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Ozilate – Hazy (feat. Indigo Rae)