Daily Yinz – The Zells – Hell Car

The fuzzy, slack-happy (slack-sad?) Zells take a ride in the "Hell Car," the second single from their upcoming album, Ant Farm (Crafted Sounds). While The Zells have always cranked up the distortion, slumped their shoulders, and fixed their eyes downward in response to the alienating drudgery of modern American life, they've got a TV sitting … Continue reading Daily Yinz – The Zells – Hell Car

Daily Yinz – Deej – Deejor

Oddball R&B artist and rapper Deej recently released, "Deejor," a single that exudes subdued swagger. There's a point on "Deejor" at which Deej, addressing a dude over his proclivities for messing around while out of town, murmurs, "They don't know you like I do." On a lesser track, the line might function as a plea … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Deej – Deejor

Daily Yinz – Tyler Heaven – Mongoose

Tyler Heaven are a quintet whose full-length March debut, Darkness on the Edge of the Parking Lot, combines lush sonics with haunted lyrics. Throughout Darkness's ten tracks, guitars chime, drums echo and hiss, violins keen, and Brady Lanzendorfer, voice pitched at a Daniel Johnston quaver, conjures images that hint at catastrophe without revealing it fully. … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Tyler Heaven – Mongoose

Daily Yinz – The Mixus Brothers – The Girl From Topeka

In advance of their upcoming album, Ride the Dark Trail, The Mixus Brothers recently released a sepia-toned single called "The Girl From Topeka." The track contains The Mixus Brothers' signature elements--rollicking strums, ramshackle vocal harmonies, toe-tapping percussion--but fleshes them out with strands of electric guitar (courtesy of one "EZ Mixus") that wink and glitter like … Continue reading Daily Yinz – The Mixus Brothers – The Girl From Topeka

Daily Yinz – Corrine Jasmin – Move Through 2.0

Pittsburgh-to-NYC transplant Corrine Jasmin remixes "Move Through," the second half of a two-part track from her standout 2021 release, Fever Dream Insomniac. Where the original "Move Through," a pillowy jazz-house cut featuring free associative, pitch-shifted vocals, is introduced by "Let Go," a spoken word segment that muses on the enervating effects of unbalanced relationships, the … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Corrine Jasmin – Move Through 2.0

Daily Yinz – Partly Sunny – GOD BLESS

Partly Sunny, comprising Alex Gleue and Zach Bronder (Bat Zuppel, Slow Bluff, Flower Crown, Astrology Now, Good Sport), recently released Fesh, which features Rave Ami's Evan Meindl on drums. Partly Sunny (and I have to take a minute to appreciate their name, because it is the most appropriate Pittsburgh moniker I've ever heard) play a … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Partly Sunny – GOD BLESS

Daily Yinz – Halloway Williams – Appalachia

Halloway Williams's (stage name of Billie Sue Bracken) ROCKABYE is a hushed, glimmering meditation on growth, loss, and queer identity. The EP's five tracks purl outward like ripples on a sylvan memory pond whose surface has been stirred by the gentle toss of a stone. Pianos echo, synths gurgle, spare percussion crackles, and Bracken's feathery … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Halloway Williams – Appalachia

Daily Yinz – David Bernabo – Tabernacle to Mount Holly, 1983

Experimental artist David Bernabo recently released the latest installation of his That's What They Told Me series (Ongoing Box), which features sound collages built around recordings from the Library of Congress. After digitally crate-digging his way through Georgia and Montana, Bernabo finds himself in New Jersey, land of casinos and beaches, birthplace of the great … Continue reading Daily Yinz – David Bernabo – Tabernacle to Mount Holly, 1983

Daily Yinz – Ex Pilots – Miles of Lace

Ex Pilots and Gaadge--two acts that take listeners on pedal-fueled guitar odysseys-recently released a split tape. Project mastermind Ethan Oliva's work with Ex Pilots, much like his outputs with Gaadge, Barlow, and Sober Clones, leans heavily on interstellar riffs, whipcrack drums, and faded, echoing shouts. "Miles of Lace" takes a softer touch than some of … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Ex Pilots – Miles of Lace

Daily Yinz – Cartoon Forest – The Unknown

On their second album, fittingly titled Cartoon Forest II (Crash Symbols), ambient trio Cartoon Forest meld computer sounds with nature sounds to hypnotic effect. Recorded in a cabin way up north in Harborcreek, CFII contains eight tracks full of drifting, faded tones augmented by squelches, clicks, gurgles, and the occasional birdcall. The atmosphere is muffled, … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Cartoon Forest – The Unknown