Pittsburgh producer jGGZ PATEL lends his signature wonky touch to Volume 1 of jGGZAPOSITION , a collection of remixes and flips of classic hip-hop tracks. "LIGHTERS UP!" is a flip of Lil Kim's song of the same name. Patel pitches down Kim's vocals and mutes the piano bounce of the original track so that it … Continue reading Daily Yinz-jGGZ PATEL-LIGHTERS UP!

Daily Yinz-Reese Youngn-Silent Screams

Reese Youngn is a Pittsburgh rapper who wields his expressive growl to devastating effect on the track "Silent Screams," released last month. You can't talk about "Silent Screams" without first discussing Reese Young's voice. Melodious and throat-shreddingly ragged, it's like Kevin Gates's gruff warble rubbed against a cheese grater, and it's pushed to its breaking … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Reese Youngn-Silent Screams

Daily Yinz-The Stars of Disaster-I Need A War

The Stars of Disaster are a "Rust-Belt garage psych" quartet founded by a former baggage handler/academic/ person-in-exile-in-Scandinavia. Anthony Schiappa (the handler/academic/exile in question) began working on songs after returning to his native Ohio in 2014. The Stars became a proper band in February of 2019, and, after dropping a few singles in October, they released … Continue reading Daily Yinz-The Stars of Disaster-I Need A War

Daily Yinz-Schwarzchild-Curvature

Karl Schwarzchild was a German physicist and astronomer; it's only logical that an artist bearing the same name would make otherworldly ambient music. Schwarzchild's new release, Saturnian Dawn, takes the cosmic sense of awe that drove Brian Eno's Apollo and filters it through the unfolding melodic pulses of Pop-era Gas and the abstract jazzscapes of … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Schwarzchild-Curvature

Daily Yinz-Easy Bake Oven-It Came From Outer Space

Easy Bake Oven is a prolific Pittsburgh noise artist who releases music through experimental label Rorer 714 Recordings. Easy Bake Oven's latest album is called All My Toys Hate Me, which sounds like the title to a long-lost Goosebumps book. As usual, the artist makes use of bent circuits to achieve a chaotic, dissonant, often … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Easy Bake Oven-It Came From Outer Space

Daily Yinz-Ingrid J-Come Inside (ft. Raindrop Relly)

Ingrid J is a Pittsburgh singer and producer whose downtempo nocturnes come bathed in the soft light of a flickering screen. Ingrid's latest release is "Come Inside," a joint-lit slow jam featuring a verse from Canonsburg rapper Raindrop Relly. The song's lyrics establish your classic tug of war between woman and man, love (or maybe … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Ingrid J-Come Inside (ft. Raindrop Relly)

Daily Yinz-Buffalo Rose-Somewhere, TN

Buffalo Rose are a Pittsburgh Americana act known for their glorious vocal harmonies; their new album, Big Stampede, is out on Misra Records. Listening to album opener "Somewhere, TN" feels like being caressed by a sturdy breeze as it flows over a boundless prairie; perhaps your car has broken down in the middle of nowhere, … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Buffalo Rose-Somewhere, TN