Daily Discovery 02.26.20

Lone Sol - Fuck Winter (ft. Majimbe) Late February/early March is a cursed time of year. The sun is obscured for days on end, seasonal depression has reached its nadir, and the world is sapped of all things joyful. Lawrence, MA saxophonist/producer Lone Sol and his friend, podcast host Majimbe, feel the same way, and … Continue reading Daily Discovery 02.26.20

Daily Yinz – Akono Miles – Haziness Not Laziness

Akono Miles is a Pittsburgh producer whose new album, Dust To Go, was born from a period of time during which the artist felt "hazy and nostalgic for a good minute." Where Miles's 2019 releases, April's Halogen and October's Room Temperature, represent waved-out takes on instrumental hip-hop and house music, respectively, Dust To Go tackles … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Akono Miles – Haziness Not Laziness

Daily Yinz – Stacia Vonne – Lover

Stacia Vonne is a new Pittsburgh artist whose debut single, "Lover," dropped last week. The track is an easygoing come-on propelled forward by the punchy drums of Alann Ulises's breezy, digitized reggae beat. Vonne, whose voice contains a warm huskiness that reminds me of a brass instrument, dedicates the track to "the lovers/the lover in … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Stacia Vonne – Lover

Daily Yinz – Scratchy Blanket – On Top

Scratchy Blanket is a Pittsburgh emo-adjacent band that describes its "kind and polite indie rock" as "the musical equivalent of the phrase 'If it's ok with you'." The group's upcoming debut album, Something For Everyone, is due out on Leap Day, which makes its release a true once-in-a-quadrennial event, as the common phrase goes. "On … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Scratchy Blanket – On Top

Daily Discovery 02.21.20

Jeanette Berry - With You NYC's Jeanette Berry (of currently-on-hiatus Philadelphia-based jazz 'n' b group Jeanette Berry and the Soul Nerds) has crafted an aching breakup ballad with "With You," a track from her new EP, Solivagant. Everything about the song is smooth, from the slow burn groove of the rhythm section to the freeform … Continue reading Daily Discovery 02.21.20

Daily Yinz – Water Trash – My Dear

Water Trash are a Pittsburgh quintet that pepper their slackery garage tunes with extended passages of virtuosic jamming. "My Dear" is a single from the band's new album, Pleasure Palace, which is slated for release tomorrow. What begins as a head-bobbing jaunt--a la Weezer before they sucked or, more specifically, Philadelphia band Free Energy's 2010 … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Water Trash – My Dear

Daily Yinz – Kremmy Six Saucin, Diarra Imani, Old Fish, Treble NLS, JKJ, Charlie Slum – Empty Space Cypher

The Empty Space Project is a musical endeavor whose goal is to "make something out of nothing." The project's creators invite artists to perform, often a capella, in unusual places like abandoned buildings, barren stairwells, and zen gardens. Recently, a number of rising Pittsburgh rappers met up for Empty Space's first ever cypher, each artist … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Kremmy Six Saucin, Diarra Imani, Old Fish, Treble NLS, JKJ, Charlie Slum – Empty Space Cypher