Daily Yinz – Livefromthecity x Feralcat – Tyler

Rapper Livefromthecity and saxophonist (and flautist, too, I suppose) Feralcat join forces on the new single, “Tyler.”

On this one, Livefromthecity lays down extended Odd Future metaphors (“I think I’m Tyler/’Cuz I got a gang of wolves/And growing up I was a bastard) and gleefully menacing boasts (“We came to vibe/Have a good time/The weapon is harmless till I gotta blast it”) overtop baroque guitar flourishes and Feralcat’s trilling flute. Lest the instrumental sound too delicate, the whole thing is underpinned by shudders of blown-out bass, establishing “Tyler” as the most ornate banger you’ll hear this week.

Check out more from Livefromthecity and from Feralcat and follow the artists on the various social media platforms


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