Daily Yinz – Water Trash – My Dear

Water Trash are a Pittsburgh quintet that pepper their slackery garage tunes with extended passages of virtuosic jamming.

“My Dear” is a single from the band’s new album, Pleasure Palace, which is slated for release tomorrow. What begins as a head-bobbing jaunt–a la Weezer before they sucked or, more specifically, Philadelphia band Free Energy’s 2010 track “Bang Pop,” basically something you can get down to in a dive bar after a few IC Light Mangos–transforms about halfway through into a riotous clamor of twisty riffs, afterburner guitar solos, Terry Riley-esque ramen noodling, and wordless shouts, before resolving on one final run through the sunny refrain. Vocalists Carter Vannoy and Ryan Hartman reminiscence on time’s eternal march like two old friends sharing some of the aforementioned mango beverages, harmonizing, “I see my path/Life in time lapse/You and I have changed” and musing about the similarities that have appeared between themselves and their fathers. “My Dear” is peppy and melancholy, reflective and forward-looking, the perfect song for 20-somethings who sort of know what’s happening in life and are also totally baffled by it.

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There’s a Pleasure Palace release show tomorrow night at Mr. Smalls; click the hyperlink for details


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