Daily Yinz – Kremmy Six Saucin, Diarra Imani, Old Fish, Treble NLS, JKJ, Charlie Slum – Empty Space Cypher

The Empty Space Project is a musical endeavor whose goal is to “make something out of nothing.” The project’s creators invite artists to perform, often a capella, in unusual places like abandoned buildings, barren stairwells, and zen gardens.

Recently, a number of rising Pittsburgh rappers met up for Empty Space’s first ever cypher, each artist taking his/her turn to freestyle over Kanye’s classic “Jesus Walks” instrumental. There are so many ideas, tales, and instances of creative wordplay packed into the video’s fourteen minutes that I’m not even going to try to find highlights, but just know that if you like bars off the top, internal rhyme schemes, biting critiques of organized religion, or just local hip-hop talent in general, then the Empty Space Cypher is for you.

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