Daily Discovery 02.26.20

Lone Sol – Fuck Winter (ft. Majimbe)

Late February/early March is a cursed time of year. The sun is obscured for days on end, seasonal depression has reached its nadir, and the world is sapped of all things joyful. Lawrence, MA saxophonist/producer Lone Sol and his friend, podcast host Majimbe, feel the same way, and they have a comedically cathartic, tropical, horn-accented response: “Fuck Winter.”


Oat Milk – Tune Out the World

Oat milk is the only acceptable milk alternative, in my book. It’s creamy, has a taste, and foams better than almond, soy, and coconut milk do. Brooklyn, NY duo Oat Milk makes music that is not just acceptable, but very good; their new single, “Tune Out the World,” cheerily and jazzily addresses the feelings of crushing existential angst that come with being a young person, ultimately resolving to take solace in companionship. Let Oat Milk give you some comfort in these garbage times.


Infinite – The Pain Will Never Go Away

Californian drone musician Infinite just released an album called LEAVE ME HERE TO BURN! (capitalization and exclamation point added by Bored In Pittsburgh for emphasis and dramatic effect). “THE PAIN WILL NEVER GO AWAY!” (caps and exclamation added by BIP, once again) opens the album with grinding tectonic plates of bass and electro grit. The song says, mostly wordlessly, “The unending torment and anguish of our overwhelmingly bleak and meaningless existence will forever drown us.” Or something. I don’t know, I just like distortion and feedback.



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