Stare At Your Shoes-Brightblack Morning Light-All We Have Broken Shines

Brightblack Morning Light is a Northern California freak-folk duo whose members have done such hippyish things as lived in a chicken coop, recorded using solar power, and organized amplifier-free music festivals. Their 2006 self-titled album contains a series of subdued, psychedelic jams full of hazy keyboard, weeping slide guitar, and ambling percussion. Nathan Shineywater and … Continue reading Stare At Your Shoes-Brightblack Morning Light-All We Have Broken Shines

Daily Yinz-Leila Rhodes-Santa Ana Wins

Leila Rhodes is a Pittsburgh-based producer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist who specializes in versatile, genre-hopping tunes made entirely in-house. "Santa Ana Wins," a track from Rhodes' debut album Casanova Way, rides a slinky, slow-mo funk groove from the West Coast to the East, joined on its journey by a bluesy guitar line and chords that shimmer … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Leila Rhodes-Santa Ana Wins

Daily Discovery-Kwallah, the god-EVERYBODY DYING N’ DA’ SUMMA’?

Kwallah, the god (real name Kwame Pope) is a rapper and producer out of Fredericksburg, VA, whose songs hit like a quick jab to the stomach. Kwallah, the god's new album PAIN. PLEASURE. PROBLEMS was just released on the DIY Fredericksburg hip-hop label Hidden Sound Collective (a Naruto reference, for those wondering), and it packs … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Kwallah, the god-EVERYBODY DYING N’ DA’ SUMMA’?

Stare At Your Shoes-Air Formation-Tidal

Air Formation are a shoegaze band from the town of Sussex in South East England. They've been around since 2002 and actually just put a record out last year, but are likely best known for their 2007 release Daylight Storms. That album includes the song "Tidal," which sounds like someone took the string coda from … Continue reading Stare At Your Shoes-Air Formation-Tidal

Daily Discovery-Speedbooth-Skatehorn

Speedbooth is the current musical pseudonym of Kevin Cormack, an Orkney-via-London guitarist and experimenter who has played in groups including Jam Money and Half Cousin. The music found on Speedbooth's new self-titled album (released on Spillage Fete Records) clinks and clatters, almost like it has to fight its way through a particularly messy room in … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Speedbooth-Skatehorn

Daily Yinz-Parnassus-Bloomsbury Gathering

Parnassus, named either for a sacred Greek mountain or for an investment firm, is a mysterious, Pittsburgh-based ambient/drone artist. Parnassus recently released two albums whose outward aesthetics could not be more different. Adorning the cover of Fragmentations is a drab photo of a radiator sitting alone in a carpeted corner, while Mad features what looks … Continue reading Daily Yinz-Parnassus-Bloomsbury Gathering

Each Limb Playing Its Own Rhythm — A Q+A With Psychedelic Electro-Rockers Gentleman Brawlers

Photo provided by the artist Gentleman Brawlers are a Brooklyn-based band that electrified the Javor Croatian National Hall at the 2019 Deutschtown Music Festival last month. Blending electronic, psychedelic, and afrobeat styles, the group whips up a frenetic cyclone of energy, palpable both in person and on record (but especially in person). Vocalist/keyboardist Becca Fox, … Continue reading Each Limb Playing Its Own Rhythm — A Q+A With Psychedelic Electro-Rockers Gentleman Brawlers

Daily Discovery-Dream Boatique-You Turn Right, I Turn Left

Dream Boatique is an electronic artist from Philadelphia, PA; that's really all the information you can find about them online. Dream Boatique warrants a mention based on their album title alone. Anyone who calls their record My Life in the Ghost of Bush (a naughty and/or political and/or nonsensical riff on the classic Brian Eno/David … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Dream Boatique-You Turn Right, I Turn Left

Daily Yinz-The Zells-Hello Loser

The Zells (fka Denzell) are a group of five Pittsburgh lads that specializes in shaggy power-pop anthems influenced by the DIY college rock of the 80's and 90's. "Hello Loser" is the first single from The Zells' upcoming album No More Heroes, due out October 11th on Crafted Sounds. The track's opening drumbeat sounds like … Continue reading Daily Yinz-The Zells-Hello Loser

Daily Discovery-Indigo Asaá-Hey Bye (feat. Hattress)

Indigo Asaá is a singer/rapper from Evesham Township, NJ who relays her songs of the self over mellow, plush instrumentals. She released her debut mixtape Bloom this week. "Hey Bye," the mixtape's second track, features a taut hip-hop beat whose slinky, string-tinged synth washes would fit well into some sort of secret agent film. However, … Continue reading Daily Discovery-Indigo Asaá-Hey Bye (feat. Hattress)