Daily Discovery-Dream Boatique-You Turn Right, I Turn Left

Dream Boatique is an electronic artist from Philadelphia, PA; that’s really all the information you can find about them online.

Dream Boatique warrants a mention based on their album title alone. Anyone who calls their record My Life in the Ghost of Bush (a naughty and/or political and/or nonsensical riff on the classic Brian Eno/David Byrne collab) is a true champ in my book. Also, when you Google the phrase “Dream Boatique Philadelphia,” the top hit is a news story whose headline reads, “Body Discovered Inside Adult Entertainment Store In Southwest Philadelphia.” So there’s that. “You Turn Right, I Turn Left,” which plays like an outtake from Tangerine Dream’s 1988 album Optical Race, interweaves layers of repetitive rhythm and melody to hypnotic effect. By the end of the track’s nearly six minutes, you’ll feel like your brain has been stuck in a peppy neuronal circuit loop, in the best way possible, of course. If that all isn’t enough for you, the album art is a closeup of a cute mustache dog. It’s guaranteed that you’ll like at least something about this one.

Check out more from Dream Boatique


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