Daily Discovery-Indigo Asaá-Hey Bye (feat. Hattress)

Indigo Asaá is a singer/rapper from Evesham Township, NJ who relays her songs of the self over mellow, plush instrumentals. She released her debut mixtape Bloom this week.

“Hey Bye,” the mixtape’s second track, features a taut hip-hop beat whose slinky, string-tinged synth washes would fit well into some sort of secret agent film. However, during the song’s melodic hook, Asaá assures us that she’s “bigger than any movie scene,” so I suppose it’s useless to try and put her sound in a box like I just did. Regardless, the instrumental creates an atmosphere ripe for rhyming, and Asaá and featured rapper/poet Hattress take full advantage. They trade verses, Asaá introducing and closing the song and Hattress occupying the middle. Asaá’s delivery during her opening salvo reminds me of Kendrick Lamar’s on “untitled 02” from his untitled unmastered album, all steely-eyed monotone and controlled energy. After running through a dizzying array of flows, Asaá asks, “What type of work will you get from this human?” as if knowing that her performance has already answered that question. Hattress swings by with an impressive display of his own, at one point managing to fit the line “If I had a dollar for anybody who said I’d be nobody/I probably won’t need a label/I’d probably go get a stable/And write down all my haters /With a horse and a pen and a paper/Smoking Garcia Vegas and a cup full of Maker’s” into the span of nine seconds. Asaá must have taken Hattress’ verse as a challenge, because she comes right back in with, “I’m the world wide web while you’re just a link/I roll around this beat like a skating rink,” (a couplet that I found incredibly satisfying) and takes off from there. “Hey Bye” is an excellent showcase for two lyricists on the rise.

Check out more from Indigo Asaá and from Hattress

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