Daily Yinz-The Zells-Hello Loser

The Zells (fka Denzell) are a group of five Pittsburgh lads that specializes in shaggy power-pop anthems influenced by the DIY college rock of the 80’s and 90’s.

“Hello Loser” is the first single from The Zells’ upcoming album No More Heroes, due out October 11th on Crafted Sounds. The track’s opening drumbeat sounds like the drunk, slacker cousin of Vampire Weekend’s “Oxford Comma,” but that’s both the beginning and the end of the similarities between the two bands. Once the rest of the instruments kick in, the track is enveloped in a fuzzy, lo-fi haze; riffs overpower vocals at some points, but hey, this is some true garage shit, mixed in house by the band’s own Frank DiNardo, so it adds to the atmosphere when it happens. The lyrics that really matter stand out, specifically the climactic line, “I don’t want to always live like this/I want more/But you don’t.” Pretty self-aware for so-called slacker music, huh? My favorite part about “Hello Loser” is the subtle clean guitar line that trickles around the surrounding slabs of distortion like a sparkling rivulet through a grungy, overgrown backyard somewhere in Polish Hill (gotta plug my new neighborhood). Make sure to keep your ears peeled for the full release of No More Heroes; it’s going to be a good one.

Check out more from The Zells and from Crafted Sounds

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