Daily Discovery-Kwallah, the god-EVERYBODY DYING N’ DA’ SUMMA’?

Kwallah, the god (real name Kwame Pope) is a rapper and producer out of Fredericksburg, VA, whose songs hit like a quick jab to the stomach.

Kwallah, the god’s new album PAIN. PLEASURE. PROBLEMS was just released on the DIY Fredericksburg hip-hop label Hidden Sound Collective (a Naruto reference, for those wondering), and it packs a lot into its brief runtime; to give you an idea, its longest track barely passes the 90 second mark. The album was written and produced in one night(!), giving it a raw, spontaneous feel as it alternatives between dreamy, glitchy ballads and ferocious bangers. Its opening track, “EVERYBODY DYING N’ DA’ SUMMA’?” introduces the listener to Kwallah’s high-pitched snarl as he bluntly proclaims, “Pain is a bitch/I feel it,” and goes on to scribble a sketch of heartbreak, drugs, toe tags, and body bags. The instrumental (produced by Kwallah himself) is a haze of quivering organ, faded, echoey percussion, and disembodied adlibs. You can tell PAIN. PLEASURE. PROBLEMS resulted from a direct, unvarnished outpouring of emotion, and it’s all the better for its unrehearsed intensity.

Check out more from Kwallah, the god and from Hidden Sound Collective


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