Daily Discovery-They Hate Change-Giancarlo

They Hate Change are a Florida-based production duo whose chaotic compositions offer a lively, experimental take on the hip-hop sound.

“Giancarlo” is the first single released from They Hate Change’s upcoming EP Juices Run Clear (Deathbomb Arc). The track begins with a mumbled “1, 2, 3” count-in overtop watery synths and the clattering suggestion of a beat. Groupmembers Vonne and Andre come in with a sing-songy mantra, slowly increasing their energy levels until they throw down the gauntlet with a shouted, “I can’t break/I can’t fold/Gotta get it all ’til I can’t get no more!” Immediately, a rapid fire breakbeat kicks in, sounding like an overcaffeinated James Brown record being looped by a defective turntable needle. Vonne launches into his verse, proclaiming himself a “rap superhero” and dropping the especially cutting line, “My black is black grace/Your black is blackface,” on an unnamed competitor. Andre’s verse is slightly quieter and more introspective, nicely balancing out his counterpart’s braggadocio. The music cuts out near the 2-minute mark, and things remain silent for a few seconds before the boys come back in with a brassy beat switch, a changeup that reminds me fondly of A$AP Rocky’s “Jukebox Joints.” A fascinating track from an album that is sure to deliver the goods.

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