Daily Yinz – Short Fictions – Don’t Start A Band

Newly signed to SoCal’s Lauren Records, Short Fictions return with a tale about the perils of being Short Fictions.

“Don’t Start A Band” forgoes the twinkling complexity and climate doomsaying of 2019’s Fates Worse Than Death in favor of chunky power chords, self-deprecation, and hooks, glorious hooks. Not content to simply lasso the ears with a harmonized riff that would make The Wonder Years grin, the group doubles up, with vocalist Sam Treber doggedly following the guitars’ melodic trail like a depressed urban hiker. The apocalypse is personal this time around; Treber, beaten down from hours spent in a hot van, nights spent watching Sailor Moon alone, and too many drinks, sings, “Everything just fills me with envy/Always feel like my world is ending,” later adding, “I think that this tour might just might kill me.” Even though being in a band may involve fighting with your best friends while burning your money on merch that the kids just won’t buy, the song’s anthemic drive makes the experience sound downright epic, especially when the outro kicks in with swelling horns and pyrotechnic shredding. We should all be grateful that Short Fictions didn’t take their own advice, because we’d be missing out.

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