Daily Yinz-Brazilian Wax-Otherside

Brazilian Wax were a Pittsburgh trio whose music sounded like it came straight out of the 90’s-era Pacific Northwest grunge and riot grrrl scenes. The band played its final show at 2019’s Ladyfest, held back in September.

Before disbanding after a successful seven-year run, Brazilian Wax released the album Still Rippin‘ in late September. It’s a collection of four songs that feature raucous guitar chords and lyrics both whimsical and defiant, . “Otherside” is an especially compelling listen, with a refrain (“On the day that I die/I’ll be by your side”) that combines grunge’s morbid imagination with pop punk’s heartfelt sincerity. The track splits the difference musically, too, with guitarist Jen Sabol unleashing some brooding, dramatic chord changes during the chorus before breaking into buoyant harmonies with bassist/lead vocalist Athena Kazuhiro directly afterward. The final time through the refrain, Kazuhiro pushes her voice into a whole new range, belting out the poignant lyrics with a volcanic roar. The sense of emotion is palpable in this one, making it my personal favorite from Still Rippin’.

Although Brazilian Wax is finished as a band, make sure to check out their previous work


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