Daily Discovery 10.31.19

Andrea Crestani – Lost In Space

As far as I know, “Lost In Space,” from the new Earthly EP (Echolette/Echoe) by England’s Andrea Crestani, was not inspired by the 60’s sci-fi sitcom. The track is a rush of galactic synth tones, bouncing tech bass, and trancelike beats. Listen while staring intently at the album’s colorfully abstract artwork, and allow yourself to be swept off into a faraway solar system.

Alpaca Sports – Saddest Girl In The World

“Saddest Girl In The World,” a single off the album From Paris With Love (Elefant Records) by Sweden’s Alpaca Sports, is a honeyed slice of jangly indie pop. It’s only fitting that, on Halloween, the spirit of The Smiths has been reincarnated (minus Morrissey’s terrible politics) from the graveyard of the 80’s, routed through Scandinavia, and piped into my apartment. I’m glad to be haunted by this catchy, sunshiny, just-twee-enough anthem about the most unhappy young woman on planet Earth.

Teek Hall – The Ritual

I’m guessing that Phoenix, AZ rapper Teek Hall is a fan of The Witch; Black Phillip is both the name of the satanic goat from that 2016 film and the name of Hall’s new album. On “The Ritual” (also named for a movie), Hall frames the very real problems of racism, violence, and drug addiction as near-occult occurrences, terrors on par with witches and demons. A sober, truly frightening song for a day usually reserved for made-up scares.


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