Daily Discovery-Leek Lone-MINDBODYSPIRIT

Today’s find comes from the newly released blackboyfromaroundtheway by local Pittsburgh rapper Leek Lone. “MINDBODYSPIRIT” is an introspective, contemplative track, with lyrics touching on themes of family, violence, and systemic inequality. There are some really striking images and sentiments laid out on this one; Leek conjures the spectre of death at several points throughout the song, singing “Spill my spirit on yellow lines,” during the chorus and striking an especially poignant chord during the second verse when he admits, “Probably should talk to Pops before one of us pass.” The woozy melodicism that runs through Leek’s vocal delivery at times harkens back to both Macadelic-era Mac Miller and Kendrick Lamar’s work on DAMN. The production on “MINDBODYSPIRIT,” a creeping, spacious rhythmic framework with bubbles of hazy melody throughout, is incredible; all of the album’s instrumentals are great, honestly, as are the lyrics. The world of blackboyfromaroundtheway is grim and often dangerous, but Leek Lone fleshes out his surroundings with a clarity, empathy, and understanding possessed by some of rap’s great storytellers. An awesome song and album for any hip-hop fan.

Check out more from Leek Lone: https://leeklone.bandcamp.com/releases


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