Announcing: The Yearly Yinz 2021

Oh boy!

After a year that felt like it didn’t actually exist, the time has come for the third annual “Yearly Yinz” lists, featuring my favorite Pittsburgh songs and albums of 2021. These are not “best-of” lists and are not ranked; they are simply the works that resonated with me the most deeply over the past twelve months. As usual, there were far too many excellent releases this year for everything to be included, so I’m sure I missed many many things.

In some ways, 2021 felt like 2020 2.0, with all of the malaise, anxiety, and false hope, but none of the novelty; it was the equivalent of sitting in a waiting room for an appointment about which you know 0 details. What am I doing here? How long have I been here? When can I leave? Will I be alright? What does alright feel like, again? Once again, music provided a respite from the experience, and for that, I am eternally grateful to all of Pittsburgh’s creatives.

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by and supported Bored In Pittsburgh this year, and stay tuned for the Yearly Yinz!


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