Daily Yinz – SUREFIRE – Vagabond

SUREFIRE are a trio fronted by the powerful pipes of Natalie Flango. They recently released “Vagabond” in advance of their upcoming album, On Borrowed Time.

“Vagabond” is a no-frills rocker that alternately seethes and soars as it waves goodbye to a “lover, leaver, heartbreaker, vagabond,” a person who professes devotion, but “won’t be here in a week.” The verse features a percussive riff that matches Flango’s strutting, finger-wagging cadence as she tells off the titular figure, while the chorus unleashes its pent-up energy in a flurry of power chords and belted vocals. Flango sings, “The hardest part of loving is letting go/You said that you loved me, but it’s all for show,” but she’s not looking for pity; instead, she’s using the scorning as motivation to finally leave the varmint behind.

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