Daily Yinz – Elton Wong – Free Love Song

Elton Wong (who has also recorded as The Kowloon Corporation, HOME APPLIANCE SYSTEM, and Weather T.V.) dabbles in folk, vaporwave, spoken word, and more.

The central track on the recently released Elton Wong’s Free Love Single, the “Free Love Song” itself, hews closer to Daniel Johnston‘s brand of outsider sincerity than it does to the sound of Wong’s Beefheart-meets-anarchy or Phil Ochs-huffing-helium-in-a-basement projects. Raggedly strummed acoustic guitar, warping in and out of tune under a blanket of analog grit, provides spare backing for Wong as he opines about the world’s paucity of love, freedom, and general fairness. “Everyone deserves free lovin’/For lovin’ should always be free/They say you want something for nothing/But I think you deserve everything,” he sings; it’s a simple sentiment, but affecting nonetheless.

Check out more from Elton Wong


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