Daily Yinz – Kinetic – Another Day

Kinetic are an ensemble, led by pianist Joe Sheehan, whose pieces weave together traditional Ghanaian folk songs and original chamber music.

For Kinetic’s most recent release, Dances of Lake Volta, Sheehan reworked a number of pieces from the group’s 2018 album, Songs of Lake Volta, and then added several new ones for good measure. One of these is “Another Day,” an afrobeat composition by Ghanaian jazz musician Samuel Boateng, who also sings and plays several instruments on the song. It’s a lively and upbeat track whose refrain wryly explores a classic paradox (“Tomorrow gonna be your lucky day/But tomorrow never comes”); spritely sax and whirling organ complement dynamic percussion and ecstatic backing vocals to create an atmosphere whose pure joy adds a celebratory note to the otherwise hardscrabble lyrical sentiment. 40% of the proceeds from Dances of Lake Volta will go to Ghanaian cultural organizations (Jamestown Boutique, Tamale Youth Culture Group, and African Heritage Dance and Drum Ensemble), so please consider purchasing the album.

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