In mid-February, HEARTAVI released
REDSTARR01, a distilled sugar rush of a debut album.

There was always a kid who would let their Tamagotchi die on purpose; that one sicko who would neglect their digital pocket pet, refusing to feed it or press the medicine button when it got ill, all for a sadistic chuckle at recess. HEARTAVI goes the opposite route on “TAMAGOTCHI,” crafting a zippy, elated ode to the little computerized friend who, for “$49.99 plus shipping and handling,” can bring you far more comfort than “a million dollars on some therapy.” The song, a glittering synth rush full of manipulated vocals and caffeinated oontz-oontz dance beats, reminds me of younger, more carefree days spent flailing about while listening to Basshunter‘s musical serotonin explosions.

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Cover photo by fizzy_joe


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