Daily Yinz – Murder For Girls – Honeycomb

Murder For Girls are a garagey, punky Pittsburgh ensemble whose latest album, Done In The Dark, is set to drop in May.

The album’s first single, “Honeycomb,” scales back the guitar crunch of MFG’s 2017 release, All The Pretty Stars, in favor of a cleaner, more surf-influenced sound. A brisk bass line underpins layers of jangly guitar chords and shifting, tripartite vocal harmonies. The track opens with the couplet, “Wasted so much time/Couldn’t walk your line,” and maintains an air of defiance throughout. The MFG folks, singing to an unnamed counterpart, “trace your maps through Hell” and lament, “You never let me in.” They sound frustrated, but not defeated, resolute to rock on despite these personal setbacks. “Honeycomb” is energetic, brooding, and independent-minded, everything that a punk song should be. Stay tuned for Done In The Dark when it drops in a few weeks.

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