Daily Yinz – Illiterates – Weather Capital

The self-described "dumbest band in hardcore" returns with a second LP called No Experts. The thrashing "Weather Capital," full of grinding guitars and queasy bass, serves a mini-anthem for the band itself. Vocalist Lawson Bloom, in a voice that simultaneously brays, honks, and snarls, announces the group's reemergence from the depths of a not-so-cold winter, … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Illiterates – Weather Capital


Daily Yinz – Vicious Blade – Scavengers

Metal quintet follow up their 2020 debut with the blistering Siege of Cruelty EP. If the guitar guy from Mad Max: Fury Road had been joined by an entire band's worth of chemical-scarred miscreants, their music may have resembled the scorching thrash contained on Siege of Cruelty. It's like punks worked themselves into napalm-fueled overdrive, … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Vicious Blade – Scavengers

Daily Yinz – Stabscotch – XALLELUJAH DÆMON

Every so often, you come across an album that truly confuses you. Stabscotch's PRISON JAR is one of those albums. Prison Jar sounds like the narrator from Naked Lunch holding court on Instagram Live, ranting into the mic and noodling on a keyboard while a grindcore band plays behind him. On the album, the four … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Stabscotch – XALLELUJAH DÆMON

Daily Yinz – Short Fictions – Don’t Start A Band

Newly signed to SoCal's Lauren Records, Short Fictions return with a tale about the perils of being Short Fictions. "Don't Start A Band" forgoes the twinkling complexity and climate doomsaying of 2019's Fates Worse Than Death in favor of chunky power chords, self-deprecation, and hooks, glorious hooks. Not content to simply lasso the ears with … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Short Fictions – Don’t Start A Band

Daily Yinz – Gator Shakes – East Coast Fear

Gator Shakes are a metalcore band that puts on one hell of a loud show (god I miss live music); their latest album, Well, Hell, came out last Friday. The album opens with vocalist Jake Morgan barely clinging to the end of a fraying rope, screaming, a capella, "Push! West! Leave! This! East! Coast! Fear!" … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Gator Shakes – East Coast Fear

Daily Yinz – Latecomer – Bet Your Life

Latecomer makes furious punk music full of barked mantras and breakneck tempos. The band released its Bet Your Life EP a few weeks back. The EP's title track gets its strength from simplicity. Sledgehammer guitars alternate between supercharged "Lust For Life"-style riffs and boiling, single-chord passages that ratchet up the sense of clenched-teeth intensity already … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Latecomer – Bet Your Life

Daily Yinz – Calyx – Americana Get A Break

Calyx are a trio that specializes in whirling pop-punk paroxysms; they released their full length debut, Stay Gone, this week. Ever since I saw Calyx blow through a set at The Childlike Empress's Take Care Of Yourself release show at Babyland a few years back, I've been hoping for a full album's worth of the … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Calyx – Americana Get A Break

The Mr. Roboto Project Benefit Compilation Vol. 3

The Don't Let The Scene Go Down On Me! collective has organized another benefit album to support the one and only Mr. Roboto Project, one of Pittsburgh's most indispensable DIY venues. COVID-19 is still happening even if some people ignore it, and who knows when we'll be able to have the full live music experience … Continue reading The Mr. Roboto Project Benefit Compilation Vol. 3

Daily Yinz – Holy Rivals – My Minds Blind Stupid

Holy Rivals are a Pittsburgh trio that specializes in scuzzy, stripped-down punk rock. On most weekdays, it takes until about 2pm for my brain to start working. On Mondays...well, it takes until about 2pm on Tuesday. Luckily, Mind Blinder, the newest release from Holy Rivals, comprises seven tracks whose lyrics can be printed, in entirety, … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Holy Rivals – My Minds Blind Stupid