Daily Discovery 04.27.20

Wavvyday – Infinite Waters

West Palm Beach’s Wavvyday makes music for pool parties, outdoor couch sessions, and summer daze. “Infinite Waters,” off the duo’s self-titled debut, reminds me of the balmy, lightweight beach tunes created by high school favorite Aer, the languorous guitar ‘n beats format elevated here by Matt Brown’s enticing falsetto. It’s almost May, which means it’s basically summer, so drag the sofa outside and get relaxing.


Spider Kitten – The Wizard’s Hat

Spider Kitten may sound like an invention from the deliriously feverish mind of Always Sunny In Philadelphia’s Charlie Kelly, but they’re really a feverishly delirious stoner metal group from scenic South Wales, UK. “The Wizard’s Hat” is a sludgy, six-minute odyssey from the band’s latest release, acidgoatweedwitchspacewizardwhore (whew!), replete with bare-assed wizards, bloody, weedy witches, and knife-wielding space goats. The lyrics will bemuse you. The riffs will crush you.


Oleander – Sky Hits

The artwork for Will-o’-the-wisp, the latest release from Boston’s Oleander (featuring keyboardist Emily Mrenna), looks like something you’d see from defunct electronic dreamweavers Emeralds. Where that group’s sound was intricate and glitchy, Oleander’s is spare, mostly ambient. “Sky Hits,” the album’s opening track, is an expansive galaxy of curling guitar tendrils, with notes that echo into the abyss and slowly degrade. Apparently the whole thing was improvised; consider me both impressed and moved.



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