Daily Yinz – Chip & The Charge Ups – The Tide Is High

Chip and the Charge Ups deliver some necessary pop-punk relief with their cover (video included!) of Blondie's "The Tide Is High." The Charge Ups replace the original song's horn-accented rocksteady sway with an electrified guitar gallop; instead of imagining yourself lounging on a tropical island with an oversized rum drink, you'll be thrust straight into … Continue reading Daily Yinz – Chip & The Charge Ups – The Tide Is High

Bored In Pittsburgh February 2020 Playlist

A playlist containing some of the songs featured on Bored In Pittsburgh this past month https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6lffbnJyPGANULZDHRuR87?si=3i5vZnCUTs-vmT994R4S0Q February 2020 songs that aren’t on Spotify (and where to find them) May Leitz - Serpent Son A Plant Community - Mediterranean Dreams Andrew Muse - Hard UVB-76 - Jet Engine Decks - Building Blocks Livefromthecity x Feralcat - … Continue reading Bored In Pittsburgh February 2020 Playlist

Daily Discovery 02.21.20

Jeanette Berry - With You NYC's Jeanette Berry (of currently-on-hiatus Philadelphia-based jazz 'n' b group Jeanette Berry and the Soul Nerds) has crafted an aching breakup ballad with "With You," a track from her new EP, Solivagant. Everything about the song is smooth, from the slow burn groove of the rhythm section to the freeform … Continue reading Daily Discovery 02.21.20

Daily Discovery – 2.19.20

Blushed - Johnny Philadelphia, PA's Blushed makes candy-coated rock music that's influenced in equal measure by surftastic garage and glittering dream-pop. "Johnny," from the band's new album, I Love You So Much It Hurts (released on Valentine's Day, that most desperately romantic of Hallmark holidays), features choppy riffs, lovelorn lyrics, and some excellent vocal interplay … Continue reading Daily Discovery – 2.19.20

Daily Discovery 02.17.20

UVB-76 - Jet Engine "UVB-76" is a notorious shortwave radio station that plays an endlessly repeating buzz tone, sometimes interrupted by voices speaking Russian. UVB-76 is also a band from Austin, TX, whose shoegazey post-punk anthems also sound like they're being beamed in from some distant transmitter. "Jet Engine," from the group's new album, Haunted … Continue reading Daily Discovery 02.17.20

Daily Discovery 02.11.20

ohslo - Collider Ohslo are a Dutch duo whose bedroomy music evokes images of tropical dream states and luminescent coral reefs. "Collider," from Ohslo's recent release, Honeymoon, uses flitting synths, jingling tambourine, and sedated, sighing vocals to transport listeners to an insular paradise. ### The Riot Peddlers - Muslim Dudes On Bikes Mumbai's The Riot … Continue reading Daily Discovery 02.11.20