Daily Discovery 01.25.20

Oribu - Ibis Out on London's College Music Records is Overcome by Rome's Oribu. On the album is "Ibis," a mellower-than-mellow collection of chattering percussion, wordless vocal samples, and glassy melodic swatches. It's like Ratatat took a bunch of anti-anxiety meds and floated in a pool for a few hours. Bottomfed - Hunter "Hunter," off … Continue reading Daily Discovery 01.25.20

Daily Discovery 01.23.20

Tosser - Wishful Thinking Washingtnon, DC's Tosser makes music for those who like their guitars woolly and their vocals slack-jawed. The group is back with "Wishful Thinking," the first single released from their upcoming album, Total Restraint. Overtop moody, chugging chords, frontman Eric Zidar admits, "I'm sure no more," dazed. It's a slacktastic garage remedy … Continue reading Daily Discovery 01.23.20

Daily Discovery 01.15.20

The Milk Factory - Roundish "The Milk Factory" might sound like a boogeyman destination that cow parents use to scare their calves into good behavior, but it's actually the name of a group that comes out of Ghent, Belgium's thriving contemporary jazz scene. "Roundish," from the group's new release, Aula (W.E.R.F Records), features gentle eddies … Continue reading Daily Discovery 01.15.20

Daily Discovery 01.13.20

Honey Cutt - Vacation Boston trio Honey Cutt gives classic surf music a millennial update on "Vacation," a single from their upcoming release, Coasting. Backed by a retro drumbeat and guitar chords that waver like the air above a scalding expanse of sand, frontwoman Kaley Honeycutt takes the wind out of a "nice guy"s sails. … Continue reading Daily Discovery 01.13.20

Yearly Yinz 2019: Albums


Here we are, back at it again with some more Yearly Yinz action, this time for Bored In Pittsburgh's favorite local albums of 2019, arranged chronologically. ### Brittney Chantele - A Fire On Venus Although Brittney Chantele’s April release, A Fire On Venus, is both more romantic and less overtly political than 2017’s Labels, it’s … Continue reading Yearly Yinz 2019: Albums