Daily Yinz – Dumplings – Big Big Bad

Dumplings are a Pittsburgh rock trio whose music channels the unbound joy of creating loud sounds in a garage, basement, bedroom, or what have you.

Dumplings’s latest EP, 3, opens with”Big Big Bad,” a true working person’s blues lament if I’ve ever heard one. Bassist Pam Dowling handles lead vocals on this one; backed by shaggy, buzzsawing guitars, she sings, “You got some chores to do/When are you gonna grow up?/When are you gonna pay up?” like the spectre of late stage capitalism sticking its ugly mug in your face as you snooze your alarm for the third time. The chorus is legitimately hilarious, with Dowling jittering, “My hand is sweaty from shaking the sweaty guy’s hand.” The guy might be a banker, CEO, random jerk, who knows, but he’s perspiring, he’s “big big bad,” and he is not pleasant to be around. The song takes a sardonic turn later on, as Dowling turns the focus to the Dumplings themselves, singing, “You’ve got a show to do/When are you gonna show up?/When are you gonna blow up?”. For the days when even fun things feel like work, blast “Big Big Bad” as catharsis.

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