Daily Yinz – Shaq Nicholson – Two Scoops Pt. 1

Shaq Nicholson are a Pittsburgh jam band whose recorded music still has the feel of a live set being performed in a bioluminescent forest.

Shaq’s March release, Potent Potables Vol 1, contains three jams, improvised on the spot, whose minute counts extend into the double digits. The album’s artwork depicts Shaq himself (O’Neal, not Nicholson) dunking a COVID-19 virus into an ear. Take that, virus! “Two Scoops Pt. 1” is a minimal, tightly-focused number featuring dots of guitar notes spattered like day-glo paint across a canvas of rustling cymbals ‘n hi-hats. The band works itself into a hypnotic groove about halfway through the track; wah-wah peddles are engaged, and things get funky as shit. Being stuck inside indefinitely means that you have time to listen to 15-minute songs, so check out “Two Scoops Pt. 1” if you’re missing the live music experience; it’s like fractal-flavored ice cream for your ears.

Check out more from Shaq Nicholson and follow them on social media


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