Daily Discovery 04.28.20

JazzZ – MOOD

Nigerian singer/songwriter JazzZ makes sure to emphasize that extra Z. “MOOD,” from her most recent release, Unpopular, finds the artist singing from the depths of a moody melodic pool that recalls the genre from which she draws her name. Plus, the song’s plush sonics are enough to send you drifting into a waking dream. In short, “MOOD” is jazzy with some extra zip, and you might be rocking the triple z’s yourself if you listen enough times. ZzZ indeed.


Žofie Kašparová & The Peacock Tree – Eleven

Gothenburg’s Žofie Kašparová assembled an unusual assortment of musicians for Impressions; her Peacock Tree’s branches include flute, sax, trumpet, and double bass. No drums, so tracks drift by, harnessing the internal movement of the instruments themselves. The moody, stately “Eleven,” which consists of only clarinet, bass clarinet, and bass, and draws inspiration from Arabic rhythms, wouldn’t sound out of place on Sketches of Spain.


Said the Dreamer – The Recipe For Concentrated Dark Matter

2 + 2 = 4. 5 x (4+3) = 35 (I think). Just did some math right there. New Jersey’s Said the Dreamer do some math of their own on their self-titled debut, switching up time signatures and tossing loop-the-loop guitar riffs every which way. “The Recipe for Concentrated Dark Matter” contains some serious fretboard acrobatics, blending technicality and musicality in just the right quantities.



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