Announcing: The Yearly Yinz 2020

Oh boy!

To mark the end of this terrible year, Bored In Pittsburgh will be publishing its second annual “Yearly Yinz” lists, featuring my favorite Pittsburgh songs and albums of 2020. These aren’t going to be “best-of” lists; there was, once again, too much great music released for me to include everything, and I think it’s fruitless to try and pronounce some art as “better” than other art. So, there won’t be any rankings or ratings or anything like that, just lists of personal favorites.

This year was pretty brutal for just about everyone (except Jeff Bezos), so I am endlessly thankful for all of the artists who recorded and released stuff despite cancelled shows, lost income, and overall dire circumstances. You all made this year more bearable for music lovers, and we appreciate you.

Thanks so much to everyone who has stopped by and supported Bored In Pittsburgh this year, and stay tuned for the Yearly Yinz!


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