Daily Yinz-Leila Rhodes-Where You’re Going

Pittsburgh polymath Leila Rhodes is back with another excellent electric blues track, “Where You’re Going.”

“Where You’re Going” is one of those songs that is made stronger by featuring only two guitar chords (by my count, at least). And these are some tasty chords, strongly resembling the dominant seven sharp ninths preferred by players like Jimi Hendrix, although I admittedly know little about music theory and could be entirely wrong on that point. Either way, they’re bluesy as shit, and coated in Rhodes’ signature airplane hangar reverb, to boot. Locked into an unshakeable hip-hop beat, the chords provide a spellbinding backdrop for Rhodes to take a psychonautic lyrical journey, asking a companion to imagine “If you could open doors with your mind,” and to “Stand guard at the door of your mind.” Like she did with the summer track “Santa Ana Wins,” Rhodes switches easily here between beguiling melodic lines and psychedelic rap verses, overdubbing guitar accents during the vocal take to spice things up. “Where You’re Going” is a warm, futuristic, and psychedelic, just like any good electric blues track should be. Apparently, two chords are all it takes to unlock the mind’s doors.

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