Daily Yinz-Easy Bake Oven-It Came From Outer Space

Easy Bake Oven is a prolific Pittsburgh noise artist who releases music through experimental label Rorer 714 Recordings.

Easy Bake Oven’s latest album is called All My Toys Hate Me, which sounds like the title to a long-lost Goosebumps book. As usual, the artist makes use of bent circuits to achieve a chaotic, dissonant, often jarring array of sounds and textures (Rorer 714’s Bandcamp page features the caveat, “May cause existential dread in people under the age of twenty-five”). Closing track “It Came From Outer Space” sounds like an old Twilight Zone score run through five distortion pedals and then tossed in a wood chipper. Gritty, lunar-lander melodies cascade slowly over one another before being interrupted by flatulent bursts of static. More, well, musical than some noise music, “It Came From Outer Space” will appeal to fans of UFO movies and sonic dread.

Check out the rest of All My Toys Hate Me and follow Easy Bake Oven on Facebook

Give Rorer 714 some love as well


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