Daily Yinz-Ingrid J-Come Inside (ft. Raindrop Relly)

Ingrid J is a Pittsburgh singer and producer whose downtempo nocturnes come bathed in the soft light of a flickering screen.

Ingrid’s latest release is “Come Inside,” a joint-lit slow jam featuring a verse from Canonsburg rapper Raindrop Relly. The song’s lyrics establish your classic tug of war between woman and man, love (or maybe just lust) and betrayal, weed and vodka. In the vein of artists like Lana Del Rey, Ingrid chooses a hypermodern frame for this timeless tale, singing, “Hit the ‘Flix, watching Naruto/Call me thick, now I know how this shit goes,” in a resigned murmur; clearly, this “Naruto and Chill” scenario has happened many times before.

It’s all about Rock Lee

Ingrid sounds relaxed, almost sleepy, within the track’s minimalist bubble (she’s the producer here, so it makes sense), playing around with the key in a way that hearkens back to classic jazz singers like Billie Holiday. Relly, who handles the first verse, plays the role of the conflicted romantic, giving enough insight into his character’s motivations (“I been hurting […] feeling worthless”) to avoid sounding like an Instagram Lothario galloping into the DMs at 3am. “Come Inside” is romantic, zeitgeisty, messy, and altogether human.

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