Daily Yinz-Faradé-I’ll Keep You Safe..Remember

Pittsburgh rapper Faradé repurposes a snippet from internet mystery Shiloh Dynasty for “I’ll Keep You Safe..Remember,” released last month.

Shiloh Dynasty is an elusive, androgynous figure with an angelic singing voice whose music is available solely in the form of brief Instagram clips, shared sporadically. Their distinctive warble has permeated the online music culture over the past few years, being sampled by both controversial SoundCloud celebrities and chill lo-fi study beat types alike. Pittsburgh’s own Faradé throws his hat in the Dynasty ring with “I’ll Keep You Safe..Remember,” a murky, melancholy trap ballad that takes stock of a love had and lost. The track is divided into two distinct halves, opening with a screwed-down version of the Shiloh hook and some codeine-drenched musings from Faradé before the sample gradually inflates itself to its normal pitch and tempo and leads into a bouncing beat sprinkled with chopped acoustic guitar and grimy bass. Faradé, slurring and dazed, asks an unnamed person, “Do you even remember what we talked about?”, sifting through shards of memories that include early morning TV sessions, houses locked out of, trips taken and not returned from. It’s an affecting listen with a strong sense of melody and atmopshere; the dude standing behind Faradé in the attached image looks like he’s feeling it, as was I.

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